Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture

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Previous blog post, we had an introduction to SOA. In this post let’s find out how we can apply SOA in our enterprise solution.

In theory we have Eight Deign Principles which we need to follow in Service Oriented Design Model.


When we apply SOA with the above design principles we can observe the below characteristics in our enterprise solution


In-addition our SOA solution can be one from the following types;

Service Architecture: Architecture of a single service

Service Inventory Architecture: Architecture that supports a collection of related services that are independently standardized and governed

Service Composition Architecture: Architecture of a set of services assembled in to service composition

Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture: Final outcome which is the Architecture of an Enterprise

High level positing of those types are shown in the below diagram


Now we have a clear idea about the design principles, SOA characteristics and four types. In the next post let’s further discuss about Service , Service Inventory and Service Composition.



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