Building the Service Oriented Solution

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As we learned from the previous posts, the main strategic goal of Service Orientation is that service must be inherently composable.

As you can see in the above diagram we can reuse services and compose service compositions which will provide a comprehensive solution for a complex problems in the business domain.

So as the time progress developers will get new requirements and as the first step they will check the service inventory.

Then do a proper design for the new business problem on what identifying what are the services they can reuse and what are the services they have to write from scratch.

The new services must be compliance with the set of rules we defined in the earlier posts, and must be placed in the service inventory with intention of future reuse and composition.

Domain Service Inventory

In a large organization which has multiple business domains it’s hard to maintain a single service inventory. So to ensure quick service discovery and easy maintenance, there we introduce a concept called Domain Service Inventory.

Each of the domain inventory is standardized and governed independently. For example, Finance, Shipping, Cargo, HR like domains can be exist in a large organization which has multiple subsidiaries. So having inventory for each domain will be a more organized inventory.


Now we completed the design of a Service Oriented Solution. In the coming posts lets investigate on how we can implement those using JAVA and many other systems in the global market.



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