Microservices Architecture Implementation: Tech / Tool Stack Map

There are different tool stacks like nodeJs, Spring cloud which we can use to build microservice solutions. Since I’m having a Java background, in this post we will look how the spring cloud solution will help us to develop comprehensive microservices solution. This tool set is applied in my working environment and it’s running smoothly in Production setup.

Due to excellent tool support and easy integration capabilities Spring cloud with spring boot framework makes developer life stress-free.

Below diagram illustrates the full component stack. Will give you a very high level usage of each component in this post. Later we can dig deep in to each component.

Microservices architecture solutions implementation using Java framework: Spring Boot / Spring Cloud Components

  • RAML / Swagger / Thrift : Used to design Contract-First microservices
  • Zuul : Edge Server, Reverse proxy server. API gateway or gate keeper for external parties
  • Eureka : Act as Service registry & discovery component
  • Ribbon : Load balancer
  • Spring Cloud Config : Centralized configuration server for the MSA solution
  • OAuth2 / JWT : Security mechanisms which can be integrated with microservices
  • Hystrix : Monitoring dashboard for the services and fault tolerance configuration component
  • Redis / memchached : Distributed caching mechanisms
  • AMQP / MQTT / STOMP : Messaging protocols for asynchronous communication
  • REST / Thrift : Messaging mechanisms for synchronous communications
  • Docker / OpenStack : Deployment architectures for our microservices
  • Tomcat / Jetty : In-build servlet containers in Spring boot


With all the above tools and components we can build a production ready microservice solution in rapid speed. In the coming posts let’s try to grab more knowledge in those areas.



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